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A Growth Engine for Small Businesses & Financial Institutions

Today's Deluxe is the indispensable partner for unleashing the growth potential of small businesses and financial institutions. Here's how we can help you:

  • We help small businesses acquire and retain customers. From personalized products and affordable logo design, to web services and search engine marketing, we help small businesses compete against big businesses and win. Deluxe delivers the innovative products and services that help business owners build their brands, grow their dreams and live their passion.

  • Financial institutions rely on our broad set of solutions, including industry-leading checks and so much more. Deluxe is a strategic marketing partner for financial institutions—combining thoughtful business insight with comprehensive, relevant products and services to attract and retain account holders and maximize financial institution profitability. We help banks and credit unions grow core deposits, fight fraud and build lasting relationships with account holders.


Growth Engine for Small Businesses & Financial Institutions

As a recognized industry leader, our best innovations have come from listening intently to discover unmet needs. We're applying that same spirit of active engagement to solve the challenges of small business owners and financial institutions in exciting - even unexpected - new ways.

Today we provide a wide range of products, services and networking for small businesses, financial institutions and personal check consumers. Faster growth. Valuable connections. Greater success. You'll be surprised at all we can do for you.


Build Your Career, Share Your Talents, Expand Your Experience

You can feel the energy at the Deluxe family of companies...the creativity and the sense of possibility here are what you'd expect at a start-up. Yet, we offer all the resources and strength of a well established, publicly traded company. How strong are we? From locations across the United States, Canada and Ireland, we serve nearly four million small businesses, more than 6,400 financial services companies and nine million individual consumers.

As we move forward to our new future we're launching new products, offering new services, and creating new ways to help small businesses and financial institutions succeed. This calls for an environment that is dynamic, not bureaucratic. A structure that is rewarding, not routine.

At Deluxe, your ideas are applauded. Your commitment, valued. Your efforts, recognized. Put simply, Deluxe is just the place for you to actively build your future.


Deluxe Corporation Headquarters
3680 Victoria Street North
Shoreview, MN 55126-2966


These are exciting times at the Deluxe family of companies. We are changing, evolving and growing. To help achieve all that we have planned, we seek enthusiastic, collaborative, creative, and focused people. People who embrace change... people who are excited about developing new solutions... people who want to make a real impact. More than ever, we're all about opportunity and growth. If that sounds good to you, perhaps you will become one of our indispensable employees helping lead Deluxe forward.

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