Employer Quick Look

What is Epsilon?  We get that a lot. For some
clients we are a strategic advisor, for others we do a project here and
there, and for others we handle everything related to technology.  Here
are a few examples:

  • We manage server configurations and backups to ensure that critical
    information is accessible to those who need it, and backed up in case
    it's ever lost.
  • We provide support on cybersecurity best practices and compliance with standards like HIPAA, PCI, and RMF.
  • We provide technical support to end users 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • We ensure that client networks are properly configured to provide clear VoIP calls and fast access to company resources.

In all things, our mission is to align information technology with
customer objectives by eliminating complexity, simplifying compliance,
and by providing transparency in our approach. We operate as a
collaborative partner by prioritizing investments in IT, which maximizes
the functionality and benefit to the organization. 


Our Mission

Epsilon aligns technology with our customer’s mission by eliminating complexity, simplifying compliance, and providing transparency and peace of mind.  We hire people who are solution focused, who leave things better than they find them, and who believe that the toughest problems are best solved as a Team. 

Working at Epsilon

Epsilon’s core values of Consideration, Simplicity, and Improvement are the pillars of who we are and how our team members operate.  Whether you are working at our headquarters in Weaverville, NC or on a Government site across the nation, we treat each other with respect and consideration, value the ideas and ingenuity of our team members and appreciate each other’s work style. Our team members build bridges across departments, think beyond the status quo, and develop creative solutions.  


Epsilon provides compliance-driven business and government customers with services to support all technology related functions typically performed by an in-house IT department and their network of vendor partners. This includes CIO and stakeholder level consulting, cloud and hybrid cloud hosting of all core business applications, technology support for customer employees, wired and wireless network design and build-out, new workstation deployments, and cybersecurity compliance services. Epsilon is SOC 2 certified and ISO 27001 certified.

We lead with our mission: to align technology with customer objectives by eliminating complexity, simplifying compliance, and by providing transparency in our approach.  This gives our customers piece of mind, and provides the foundation of a trusting relationship. 

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