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Welcome to the world of SECURUS, where technology solutions save you time and open up new vistas of connectivity—where software serves you—where information sharing is a reality-where applications are designed with you in mind, every step of the way. Where your solution provider IS your Most Valued Partner.

Two leaders in facility and call management solutions, Evercom Systems and T-NETIX have joined forces to become the Most Valued Partner to the Justice Community.

Formed with the merging of two of the most respected key providers in the correctional industry under the H.I.G Capital family of companies, SECURUS is now the largest independent provider of collect, pre-paid and debit calling services to local, county, state and private correctional facilities in the United States. SECURUS designs, implements and maintains inmate telecommunication systems and facility management software solutions that streamline the operation of criminal justice facilities and empower administrators with administrative, investigative and economic capabilities.

SECURUS services approximately 3,100 correctional facilities in 49 states, including locations operated by city, county, state and federal authorities and other types of facilities such as juvenile detention centers and private jails. By consistently offering unequaled expertise, superior service and application driven solutions, SECURUS has already earned its place among the correctional industry’s top telecommunications and information systems providers. The company’s sole focus is serving the highly specialized needs of the correctional industry and to continually strive to provide creative industry products and solutions to its customers.

SECURUS Technology proud to be a high end technology service provider in the law enforcement world, SECURUS’ Network access, telecommunications solutions, facility management, information integration—whenever and however technology connect the Justice Communities people and information across the nation.

SECURUS Calling Solutions services correctional facilities as well as inmates and the friends and family members of inmates. Application continuity between user interfaces allows abbreviated learning curves and simple operation. System integration allows “Plug-& Play” capabilities for most of your SECURUS applications.

SECURUS Jail Management Solutions offer software solutions for jail and facility management, records management, and computer-aided dispatch. Specialized Assistants allow focused solutions tailored to every facility’s requirements. Netcentric capabilities make it possible for information to move seamlessly between different applications, on-site and off.

SECURUS Support professional, dedicated customer support centers are easily accessible 24-7, 365 days per year. Cutting-edge technological capabilities provide unparalleled independent visibility into your account activity and information. Site status is monitored continuously by support systems and proactive corrective actions are instituted to correct issues before customers are impacted. The largest field support technician program in the industry provides nationwide support by local technicians.
To be recognized as the Best Brand in the law enforcement industry, as a result of:

1.having the Best Service
2.having the Most Valued customer-improving applications

Our Priorities, Values and Standards

Achieving customer delight is the paramount objective and obligation of every SECURUS team member. Only through hard work, commitment and dedication can customer delight and consistent profitability be sustained.

While consistently delighting customers is our first and foremost goal, SECURUS also aims to provide each of us, and all of us as a team, a stimulating and challenging environment in which there is opportunity to achieve personal and professional growth.

Personal success at SECURUS requires self-motivation, initiative, creativity, dedicated effort and a consistently positive attitude. Team members must exhibit a personal commitment and pride associated with delivering quality results in a timely manner. Each team member is expected to take personal responsibility for working effectively with the rest of the team to generate customer delight and to achieve our goals.

Our Values are:

  • Integrity and honesty in everything we do
  • We treat one another with respect and courtesy
  • We are accountable to our customers and we stand behind our commitments

    Our Cultural Attributes are:
    Working Hard
    Working Together
    Innovating Together
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