Employer Quick Look

Source Select Group was founded by Angela and Brent Short in 2009. They used their 20 plus years of Staffing Industry experience to drive the company’s vision of being a recognized leader at connecting people and organizations.

They quickly realized their passion for the industry and love for making candidates and clients happy with these connections was a passion they wanted to share with others.

Today the commitment to quality and service and that same passion for connecting clients and candidates is the foundation of the firm.

Technology Staffing is all we do. We believe specialization is what makes us unique. We don't claim to "be all things to all people". Specializing in Technology earns us credibility and allows us to identify top talent in the Technology Industry and ensures we understand your needs as a client and hiring authority.


Our employees are essential to making our goals a reality. We encourage every individual to share their ideas, vision and passion for making our candidates and clients happy.

We pride our self on having team members that can think outside the box, make autonomous decisions and love to work hard and play hard.

We reward this passion with a highly competitive compensation plan and benefits.

We want people on our team that aren't afraid to share their ideas, solve our clients problems and are willing to work hard to accomplish our goals.

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