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Toyota Boshoku America, Inc

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Corporate Philosophy
Toyota Boshoku
Promote corporate growth while fulfilling the following responsibilities as a good corporate citizen:—Maintain ethical values, ensuring our corporate activities are fair and transparent—Supply safe products that do not harm the natural world, and promote corporate activities that protect the global environment—Contribute to society as a member of local communities Develop innovative technologies and products that satisfy customers and respect product standards Promote innovative management policies that ensure future corporate growth and the trust of our shareholders Respect the individuality of our employees and ensure that the workplace is safe and easy to work in, fulfilling our duty to strive for harmonious labor-management relations Promote amicable business relations with our clients, joining with them to increase mutual know-how and ensure mutual long-term growth


Our goal is to be a world-class automotive interior system supplier and filter manufacturer. Here's how we are achieving this goal...

Comfortable car interiors
• Having the greatest competitive potential
• Enjoying the trust of automotive manufacturers for every aspect of the car interior, from original concept and development to design and production
• Ensuring quality, cost performance and on-time delivery
• Fully satisfying user expectations of comfort, quiet and attractiveness
• Supplying products designed for safety and environmental protection, on-time
• Developing unique technologies and products

World-class automotive filters
• Being a strong system manufacturer, able to plan and design total air induction systems
• Developing next-generation technologies for air-conditioning and lubrication systems
• Satisfying the needs of society (environmental protection, energy conservation, health maintenance)

Global supply system
• Creating development and production systems that can meet customer needs anytime, anywhere


• Automotive Components
• Interior Components
• Exterior Components
• Filtration & Power Train Components
• Textiles


Our constant technological innovation helps us protect the global environment and offer ever higher levels of safety and comfort. Our mission is to translate environmental technologies into products that reduce impact on the environment, and we were among the first to begin working to ensure that motor vehicles—our chosen field—are more eco-friendly and contain a higher percentage of recyclable materials.
Eco-friendly automotive parts from a plant called kenaf
Kenaf is a remarkable, fast-growing plant with the potential to reduce global warming and save forests. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and stores it in its fibers. We use high-quality fibers from its stem to make a base material for door trim. Products made from the plant are carbon neutral.
Recycled material for quiet car interiors
Urethane foam and fibrous materials are recovered from finely shredded particles of junked vehicles, then used to make sound insulation for new motor vehicles. This recycling process, which takes full advantage of our fiber technologies, produces insulation that absorbs sound inside the vehicle and reduces sound penetration
Safety and comfort depend on advanced testing and assessment methods
There is no shortcut to car safety and comfort. Our collision and resistance experiments and comfort assessments collect and analyze data the hard way, using equipment that closely imitates real vehicles and real situations—all in order to produce vehicles that offer greater safety and comfort.

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