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Zolon Tech Solutions Inc.

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Zolon is committed to our customers. Through open and continuous communication we take up our customers' goals as our own. Together, we tailor our consistently proven strategies to provide effective and efficient solutions, implemented with the highest quality through our world class processes.

Understanding the customer's business problems and goals resolves into the dependable satisfaction of Zolon's delivery of mutually agreed upon solutions. Our dedication to excellence enables creativity in both services and problem solving, and our ultimate motivation is to perpetually provide the client with quality results.
Zolon is a company built upon corporate confidence. Through our executive commitment to excellence and significant financial investments, we have been SCAMPI A-appraised at the SEI’s CMMI® ML3: placing us among the top five percent (5%) of all IT services firms worldwide and making us one of only five 8(a) firms that have both this and an ISO 9001:2000 registered QMS.

Throughout our years of corporate experience, we have strengthened our ability to quickly satisfy our clients’ IT staff augmentation and project sourcing requirements. Today, we use our formidable force of recruiters to directly support our program, project, and business relationship managers for satisfying our clients’ IT resource requirements.

The culture of Zolon is one of shared success, not just with customers but also with our employees. Making part of the company’s stock available (in the form of stock options) to key Zolon managers and staff, our founders have made it likely that when you work with a Zolon employee, you're likely working with a Zolon shareholder with some "skin in the game"
Zolon's mission is to use reliable strategies and apply them to distinct specifications to provide quality solutions on time and within budget.

Adhereance to Expertise

Zolon ensures the high quality of each individual within our proposed teams through a rigorous screening process that evaluates potential employees based on specific technological qualifications, training, certifications, and experience. Because internal stability is fundamental to success, Zolon retains expert staff with a combination of incentives and benefits.

Stability Through Integrity

To ensure the effectiveness of our solutions, Zolon's teams cover all phases of the solution development lifecycle, from formulation to post-deployment support. Our commitment to our client is unequivocal and we confidently guarantee our high quality standards.

Facilitation First

Involvement, communication, and cooperation are key factors for the success of each of Zolon's unique solutions. Each member, from employee to investor, is involved from the first steps of the project lifecycle through to its implementation to optimize productivity and the end quality achieved.

Consistency of Direction

Zolon has implemented distinct processes of development to clearly outline the smoothest means to established ends. Repeated tasks are quickly completed with the same level of quality through tested, polished, and proven methods present within the company.

Knowledge to Provide

Zolon's true excellence lies within our ability to look at the "big picture" -- to recognize beforehand how each facet of the undertaking will merge within the final incarnation. Our knowledge base is continually expanding to include new information on technology and the organizations that require it.
Zolon Tech Solutions Inc.
13921 Park Center Road
Suite 360
Herndon, VA 20171 USA
Phone: +1 703-636-7370
Fax: +1 703-636-7377, +1 703-636-7379

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